• Balancing Fairness and Efficiency in Transport Network Design through Reinforcement Learning - (upcoming) - AAMAS 2023.
  • Optimizing Fairness in Transport Network Design using Deep Reinforcement Learning (Dimitris Michailidis, Sennay Ghebreab and Fernando P. Santos) - (link) - IJCAI 2022, DSO Workshop.

I am a PhD student at the Civic AI Lab of the University of Amsterdam.

In my research, I use Machine Learning to design inclusive, accessible and sustainable cities.

My current focus is on using Reinforcement Learning to explore the trade-off between utility and equity/fairness when designing public transport networks.


In the near future, I would like to investigate how would urban populations adapt to such changes in a city's public tranport networks.

My goal is to create a multi-agent framework that helps to envision alternative urban designs and their evolution in time.

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Teaching & Supervision

Master's Students Supervision


Personal Projects

I am also developing Greece in Figures, an organization that aims to explain complex socioeconomic phenomena in simple words & clean graphs, for the Greek audience.

Occasionally, I create interactive data stories on society and culture and post them on my blog Thousand Words.


You can reach me by email: d.michailidis at, on Twitter or Linkedin.

Dimitris Michailidis

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Civic AI Lab
University of Amsterdam
Science Park, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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